Article Directories are Losing Credibility

Bad Directories Making Good Directories, Bad

It’s as simple as that. A lot of sour apples are starting to water down the need for these sites. After years of seeing article directories covered in ads and hundreds of other refurbished articles, there is a sour taste in my mouth as well. The need for these sites still plays a very important role though, Directoryscape no matter how much you want to avoid them.

Article directories play an invaluable role in link building. Whether it is a client’s website, Primewebdir or yours, you need to build link equity. Without powerful backlinks coming into your site, it will never become the influential power house that you dream it to be every night. Everyone wants to win the lottery when it comes to building the next “big time” website, but no one is willing to buy the ticket, and put the work in.

If you have ever had any success in this business, ilweb you know that article directories are a huge key to building your backlink profile.

Article Directory History

The history of article directories isn’t very well documented, Bsocialtoday but something like this I presume doesn’t need documentation. It seems obvious that article directories were started to basically list articles in groups so that people searching for information had a more relative central location to search for it. That is my guess how, and why it started, but no matter how it started, things have definitely changed.

Now article directories seemed to take a role change in heading away from the end reading user and more towards the website designer / developer. It has more to do with developers Webdiamonds wanting to rack up the backlinks in order to make their personal website more powerful. I do not even know of anyone that looks to any specific directories for information anymore.

The invention of the search engine basically suppressed any interested in using article directories to find information. Googling is far quicker, and honestly can provide better results than searching an article directory.

Because there is still a need for them, whether it be to the reader or the developer, it is why they have not gone into extinction. The best directories on the web are mostly made up of all human edited directories, but more on that later. I bring up that point because so many directories, site and article, Directoryshine have been all automated, allowing AdSense sites and other junk to be referenced from the site. This is again, only encouraging the demise of directories. The people who created them seem to be the same people destroying them.

How to Know if a Directory is Bad

Here, I am going to provide a bit of information on how to tell if the article directory you are currently viewing has any potential to help your site.

Articles Get Published Without Human Review

If you can submit an article without there being any waiting time to be reviewed, the article is being accepted automatically. This means that no human is looking over the article, and that means any spammer could put whatever article they want on that site, and that should throw up a big warning flag as to the quality of the article directory.

Articles Don’t Make Sense

Take a look at a few articles. If the articles don’t even make much sense, voteit they could just be refurbished articles. This happens a lot when articles are not reviewed by real people.

Too Many Ads

If ads clutter the site too much, don’t bother with the directory. Keep in mind though that the owners of these sites do need compensated somehow for their time. If they don’t make anything from the site, there isn’t much incentive for the owner to review hundreds, and literally hundreds of articles. If the ads take up more than 50% of the page layout, it is a big problem though. Don’t bother submitting your content to these directories.

How to Know if a Directory is Good

Well, this is pretty easy to answer. Take a look at the section prior to this one, and just do the opposite. If the articles are clearly being reviewed by real people before they are published, that is a very good sign.

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